Adventure Favors the Bold

Life is adventure.

No matter who you are,

where you're from,

how old you are,

or what you do,

There's always room for adventure.

It's waiting. It's calling. 

Daring you to take that first step.


So how do we start?

Adventure Favors the BOLD.

We all need to be a little crazy.

Crazy as in, I'm probably definitely gonna die if I do this? Nope.

Or crazy as in, I might fail, look like a fool, go against what people say, tear a hole in the fabric of the universe know as the 'status quo', or do something against the norm?



Because being BOLD requires you to be different. And for me, at the very least, 

I choose to be different. 

— Josh Waggoner

#StayBOLD, Join the flock @boldsheep

“The day before something is truly a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.” — Peter Diamandis