What's Your Story?

A brand wXo purpose, is a brand wXo an audience.

It's not about the story you tell, but the story you live.

Storytelling is the one of the most powerful connection tools we have as humans. Story is how we can relate, inspire and comfort those similar to us.

Your story can not only capture the hearts and minds of those who hear it but also inspire someone to act. Whether it's a tale of adventure, or a painful experience, your story can motivate others to improve their lives. That's powerful!

Our mission for boldsheep is empowerment & encouragement

We seek to spark adventure and boldness in our lives and the lives of others.

Think of boldsheep as a hiking guide for life's biggest challenges.


We could easily spit out hundreds of designs, but if the quality is questionable, and there’s no heart behind it all, why would anyone care? Why would you care?

No. Heart comes first. You come first.

Your Story is Our Story. 

Your success in life is our success.


#StayBOLD, — Josh Waggoner

Join the flock @boldsheep.

Q: So What's Your Story?

(answer in the comment below if inspired to do so)