How BOLD are you?


Here at boldsheep,

we aim to inspire greatness and a life of adventure to those seeking more for their lives.

BOLDNESS is innate in all of us, waiting for each of us to take a leap, challenge ourselves and step out of that warm and cozy comfort zone. Because when you step past the circle of your fears and doubts, you uncover your true self and what it means to be human. To be a standout human.

We aim to live by example. We believe that to have a meaningful life we must act boldly, and live boldly, on a daily basis.

And we aim to create quality products that last and we love to use ourselves, while giving back to the environment as much as it's given to us.

There's room for adventure in our lives, even if you live in a 9 to 5.

Adventure is out there, waiting for you to take that first step.

#StayBOLD, — Josh Waggoner

Bold Track of the Month

Heart Don't Stand a Chance — Anderson .Paak

Early Access 

We're still working on these bad mama-jamas, but you can grab some early if you want to wear one first

— Robert Frost